This Rhino Charged An SUV Full Of Tourists

A Rhino Is Spotted

A holiday safari through the Etosha National Park in Namibia did not go entirely according to plan in February. Two jeeps full of tourists stopped to admire a black rhino, and the rhino took an interest in them as well. The rhino’s curiosity turned to hostility, and what happened next was terrifying.

There are an unknown number of black rhinos in Etosha. They are an endangered species, and the onlookers were lucky they got to see one. The scene turned decidedly less peaceful at the drop of a dime, though. Keep reading to the end of the article to see the full video of the rhino’s thrilling charge.

A Challenger Appears

The rhino must have felt threatened by the white SUV full of tourists. Rhinos are notorious for their bad eyesight and irritability, charging at anything they perceive to be challenging them.

Things Escalate

The rhino picked up speed, going from a trot to a charge. The car is full of tourists and the rhino moved too quickly for them to attempt a getaway.

The pictures, taken by a passenger in the other SUV in the caravan, are amazing. But the video at the end of this post is even more amazing.


The huge rhino, which probably weighed around three thousand pounds, collided with the SUV at full tilt, plunging its horn into the side of the car.

A Fierce Battle

The rhino was so strong that it lifted the car with its head. It was a bizarre attack, that left the passengers frightened but uninjured.

Keep clicking through to see the full video of the encounter.


Its foe vanquished, the rhino backs away. Perhaps it was disappointed that the car didn’t give it more sport by fighting back.

Shaking It Off

After the initial impact, the rhino backs away, looking slightly dazed. It speeds up for a second headbutt but doesn’t follow through on it, perhaps because it’s not used to metal foes.

Where You Think You're Going?

The SUV makes a break for it, and the rhino turns to follow it, perhaps to taunt it and ask if it’s running away to its mommy. Thankfully nobody was injured. A vacation to remember, indeed.

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