These Bigfoot Photos Will Make You Afraid To Go In The Woods

Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or somewhere in-between, Sasquatch is fascinating. Is it a mass delusion? Our brains playing tricks on us, projecting some ancestral memory into our environment? Are people mistaking bears, logs and other innocuous things for what they want to see? Or is there a legitimate zoological mystery just waiting to be solved?

In recent years, the existence of Bigfoot has gained more traction as a scientifically plausible reality. Researchers like Idaho State University’s Jeff Meldrum and wildlife biologist John Mionczynski campaign passionately for the cryptid’s legitimacy, and cite a growing body of compelling eyewitness testimony and morphological curiosities in footprint casts as evidence.

However, most of the scientific community, and the public at large, remain either agnostic about the idea or hostile towards it. You be the judge – these photographs were all allegedly taken of real-life Bigfeet. What do you see? Bears? Costumes? Or something else entirely?

10. Pennsylvania Bigfeet

These images, snapped in 2013 by John Stoneman in Kinzua State Park, Pennsylvania, allegedly show two individual Sasquatch peering at the photographer through the trees. He spotted them while driving, and took the photos as he slowed the car down. Stoneman was 57 at the time, and an experienced outdoorsman.

9. Myakka Skunk Ape

The Skunk Ape is Bigfoot’s smaller, smellier relative. These two creepy photos show one glaring menacingly from behind a plant in Myakka River State Park, and were submitted anonymously in 2000. They remain a puzzle.

8. Mt. St Helens Bigfoot

These photographs, taken by a hiker near Mt. St Helens, appear to show a Bigfoot striding through a field. The photos were all taken in the five-second window the animal was visible, according to the photographer.

7. River ‘Squatch

On June 28th, 2014, a man in Virginia captured this image of what he claims is a dark-colored Bigfoot walking away from the edge of a body of water.

6. Peek-a-Boofoot

When a man went Bigfoot hunting with his sons in Ohio, he got exactly what he was hoping for and more. He claims that this photo, shot in 2002, shows a large, female Bigfoot peeking at them from behind a tree. He also claims that she threw rocks at them and charged.

5. Loungesquatch

The person who took this photo originally stated that she thought it was a bear and cub, but the photo has since taken on a life of its own. Many people think it is an image of a Bigfoot at rest.

4. The Hoffman Bigfoot

This is a still from a video shot by Harley Hoffman in 2001. The video was taken somewhere in British Columbia, and shows a fairly compelling Bigfoot trundling up a hill. It is considered the strongest video evidence other than the infamous Patterson film.

It’s worth mentioning that nobody knows much about Hoffman, and that his brother (allegedly) once operated a website trying to prove the existence of Santa Claus.

3. Glutesquatch

Taken in Georgia on a 35mm camera, this is one of the clearest photos ever taken of a Bigfoot / a man in a Bigfoot costume / a Bigfoot doll. Very few details are known about it. Just that if bigfoot is real, it has a nice butt.

2. Trail Cam Bigfoot

These pictures, taken by a motion-activated trail camera, show what appears to be a juvenile Bigfoot searching the ground at the base of a tree. It’s been proposed that it might be a mangy black bear, but controversy abounds.

This picture of bear cubs was captured a few moments before the mystery creature showed up:

1. Todd Standing’s Bigfeet

Bigfoot research is a field riddled with fakery and controversy. So when Bigfoot researchers themselves are divided about the credentials of one of their own, it’s significant.

Todd Standing is one of the most famous Bigfooters in the world, and is also one of the most divisive. He claims to have captured a number of authentic photos and videos of Sasquatch, and if they are real, they’re the clearest images ever taken. Standing has appeared on both Finding Bigfoot and Survivorman: Bigfoot, in which these images were showcased. The crew of Finding Bigfoot went on record as believing Standing to be a fraud, but Survivorman Les Stroud still gives him the benefit of the doubt.

Standing recently took down his Facebook page, and his latest project, Bigfoot North, appears to be stalled in production limbo.

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