The Top Phenomena That Scientists Cannot Explain

Even though modern-day science is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was 50 or 100 years ago, there are still a few things that remain inexplicable. Here are the most interesting oddities existing in our universe.

1. The Cumberland Spaceman

In one of the most bizarre, unexplained photographic mysteries, this picture somehow came out with an astronaut in back. In 1964, a man named Jim Templeton photographed his daughter in a field in Cumberland, UK. The shocker came when they got the photo developed. Only to find a “spaceman” appear in the background. Cue the Twilight Zone soundtrack.

2. Crop circles

Crop circles are nothing new, just watch an M. Night Shyamalan movie. But many “experts” believe that these are messages from aliens used to communicate among one another. However, logic points to the fact these are more than likely just attempts to boost tourism.

3. Jellyfish that died… then reappeared

In 1998, jellyfish in Eil Malk lake died mysteriously. What’s even more of a mystery? They suddenly reappeared 2 years later. How/why did this occur? Nobody knows the answer.

4. Whales are bigger, but get cancer less often than human

If you have more cells, the more likely you are to contract cancer, right? Incorrect sir. It turns out that there is no correlation between size and the likelihood of developing a strain of cancer.

5. Tardigrades

These minuscule creatures may very well be the toughest living things on earth. Scientists claim they can survive in temperatures below zero degrees as well as boiling temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius. But nobody has a definitive answer as to HOW they are capable of this feat.

6. Cattle face towards the magnetic north and south

One of the strangest natural phenomenons is the direction in which cows graze. It is nearly always towards the north or south poles. A 2008 study by German scientists indicated this odd regularity.

7. Sun’s atmosphere is hotter than its surface

The waft of air surrounding the sun reaches temperatures of 2,000,000 degrees. In contrast, the sun’s surface hits a small 5,000 degrees. Not sure why, but it’s a fact.

8. Hook Island Sea Monster

One of the oldest color photos you’ll see, this image was snapped by Robert Le Serrec and his wife in December 1924 in Queensland, Australia. As the story goes, when the couple approached the large specimen, it charged towards them with it’s gaping mouth open.

9. The less than pretty Brazilian fish

So, this happened. When this fish washed up on a Brazilian shore, nobody knew what is was and they still don’t.

10. Raining fish

The “raining animals” thing is a unique event. It is often believed that this is caused by tornadic watersputs which pick creatures up and carry them for several miles in the distance. However, nobody has explicitly seen an animal get picked up and dropped, it’s just a hypothesis.

11. Eocene Epoch was a LONG warm front

From 56 million to 34 million years ago, the earth’s polar temperatures were believed to have reached high temperatures of between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade.

12. Baigong Pipes

Welcome to an area of China that is basically uninhabited, making this an even greater mystery. At the top of the mountain there are hundreds of old rusty pipes but nobody knows where they came from. Scientists have determined their age to be 10,000+ years old, which is odd considering people around this era were just figuring out how to create fires.

13. Triangular UFO over Belgium

2,000 people reported seeing a ‘UFO’ over this Belgian city in 1989, but nobody has been able to explain it other than calling it an alien craft.

14. Everyone is right handed

Forget about climate change, the biggest issue of our time involves the lack of left handed people. Only 1 out of every 10 are lefties, which scientists still cannot explain.

15. No aliens to be seen

Everyone is trying to play the interstellar travel card, but thus far nobody has legitimately come in contact with any aliens. Could this mean they don’t exist? Maybe one day we’ll find out the truth.

16. Tomato genes are strong

Most humans have between 20,000 and 30,000 genes, but a single tomato has a solid 30,000. Umm, this could be the greatest mystery of all.

17. Malaysian Airliner

One of the greatest mysteries of our time involves flight MH370’s disappearance over the Indian Ocean back in March 2014. Although there have been a couple of minor discoveries since, the cause of the accident as well as its crash site remains unknown. Just ask any conspiracy theorist, a UFO abduction cannot be ruled out.

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