Stunning Stories Of People Trapped In Their Own Bodies

One of the saddest and crippling conditions a human being can suffer from, is Locked-In Syndrome. They essentially become trapped in their own bodies. In many cases, they are still able to think and reason like any healthy person. Sadly, due to their physical state (usually resulting from ALS or a stroke), their muscles are paralyzed, leaving them unable to walk or speak. Here are some of the most stunning examples of people dealing with this horrific condition.

1. Stephen Hawking

Perhaps the most famous example of Locked-In Syndrome, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with debilitating ALS back in 1963. He was 21 years old at the time. Over the years, he lost the ability to control his muscles and ultimately could no longer speak. In the 1980s, scientists provided him a way to send messages without actually speaking. After more advancements, Hawking can now speak by using his cheek muscle. His still living strong at the age of 73.

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