Solar-Powered Boat Sets Sail Across The Oceans Without The Use Of Fuel

The world is moving in a beautiful direction. Humans are focusing their energy on conserving the little energy that we still have on this Earth, and we are doing some amazing things in the process. Aligning our vision for a better future with technological advances and conservation of energy has brought along some stunning projects. Behold, the PlanetSolar adventure.

In 2004, a Swiss by the name of Raphaël Domjan had a crazy idea: to sail around the world on a boat powered only by solar energy, a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the potential of renewable energy. This dream became a reality in 2008. Domjan met Immo Stroeher, a German entrepreneur, an advocate for solar technologies who had solid experience in the field. Together, the two men combined ideas and funds to make this idea a reality.

Construction on the boat began at the end of 2008 in Kiel, Germany. It took almost 18 months before MS Tûranor PlanetSolar, the largest solar boat ever constructed, was ready to put to sea.

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