People Actually Insist These Hilariously Unconvincing Bigfoot Photos Are Real

As Carl Sagan used to say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The existence of Bigfoot, a seven-to-ten-foot-tall undiscovered ape that lives in the woods, is a pretty extraordinary claim. And while some evidence that’s been put forwards has been remarkable enough to give lots of serious academics pause, most of it is extraordinarily poor.

These photos are all claimed to show actual Sasquatches. How or why the people who took them thought they would sway the undecided is a mystery in its own right.


10. Smudgesquatch

According to Denise H. of New York, the person who snapped these stunning photos, we are seeing:

“…Two different Bigfoots. One is a small one; the other is an incredibly large one. They have had several contacts with me and my son.” (source)

The photos have been carefully scrutinized by scientists such as “none,” and “not even your closest friends believe you.”

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