Every Man Needs To Know These 15 Cancer Signs

Every year, millions of people contract cancer, one of the most prevalent deadly diseases in the world. The World Cancer Research Fund International estimates that a full third of cancers can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, including good diet, regular exercise and maintaining a proportionate weight. But unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet. It’s important to stay vigilant for cancer symptoms, as it is much easier to treat in its early stages than its latter. It’s especially important for men to monitor themselves, as they are statistically much less likely to go to a doctor.

These are some of the symptoms of cancer that you might not be aware of. Of course, this article isn’t a replacement for proper medical diagnosis. But we suggest that if you experience some of these maladies, you investigate further.

1. Trouble Swallowing

Turns out one of the most pedestrian medical complaints is also potentially a red flag for cancer. Chronically swollen and painful throats can be caused by stomach

2. Chronic Cough

Everyone coughs, and even when you cough frequently for a week or longer, it’s usually bronchitis or another relatively mild respiratory condition. But it’s also possible that your chronic cough is the result of lung cancer.

3. Frequent Urination

4. Unexplained Weight Loss

If your weight plummets and it’s not the result of diet or exercise, you should see a doctor. It can mean a number of things could be going wrong, including cancer.

5. Breathlessness

If you’re a smoker and you get winded after even minor physical activity, you are at risk for developing lung cancer. If you find yourself short of breath, and you’re wheezing, it could mean you have lung cancer.

6. Testicle Lumps

Testicles actually have the tendency to change their shape as you age, so if you haven’t felt them in a while and you feel something unfamiliar, it’s not necessarily cause for alarm. But if you feel any protrusions or lumps on them, probably best to get them checked out, even if they’re not painful.

7. Fever

Fevers are common, and in the short term, aren’t necessarily cause for alarm. But if a fever lasts a week or longer, it might be grounds for a cancer screening.

8. Breast Lump

Don’t laugh – while the majority of breast cancer patients are women, men can get it, too. Check yourself for lumps, in your chest and also your armpits.

9. Blood In Your Urine Or Feces

If you find blood in your urine or stool, it could be a consequence of any number of conditions (like hemmorhoids), but cancer is one of them. We probably don’t have to tell you twice, but go see a doctor if the above photo looks at all familiar.

10. Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is another one of those maladies that could be the result of any number of problems. If you are constantly tired without any relief, you should consider cancer as a possible explanation.

11. Changes In Bowel Movements

If you are beset by constipation and / or diarrhea on a frequent basis, it’s important to get screened for colon and colorectal cancer.

12. Skin Changes

If you see major changes in your skin, especially the development of new moles or the enlarging or discoloration of old ones, it might be worth checking out.

13. Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common, even ubiquitous, so no need to jump to the conclusion that cancer is to blame. Back pain can result from sitting too much, not exercising enough and poor posture. But occasionally, it can also be caused by prostate cancer.

14. Depression

Medicine is still searching for the precise causes of clinical depression, but sometimes the physical drain of your body fighting cancer can result in chronically low mood.

15. Changes in Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are structures in your neck and armpits that are shaped like lima beans. If they become swollen and painful, and remain so for a long time, it might be a warning sign.

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