Children Puzzles Parents Can’t Solve

Ready for a puzzle? These artists are here to test your skills at uncovering anomalies, and in some cases animals. Some will be simple, while others might be a bit more difficult to solve. How about you see how far you can get?


Where's the Bus Going?

The bus is going right, assuming you’re in a country where you drive on the left side of the street. Otherwise, the answer is left.

What's the Sum?

12. You have to multiply before you add.

How Much Time Elapsed?

All the tablets will be taken in sixty minutes. Peter takes the first tablet at zero minutes.

What Are the Missing Letters?

There are two possible solutions.

LAE – spells EVALUATE.

CAE – spells EVACUATE.

How Many Squares?

40 squares total. This is surprisingly hard for most people, so if you didn’t get it, don’t feel too bad.

How Was the Land Distributed?
Where To Move Three Golf Balls?
Time Traveler?

She lived very, very long ago. She was sixty in 2010 B.C, then seventy in 2000 B.C.

Barnyard Math

1 cow = 10

1 sheep = 2

1 rooster = 4

1 cow + 1 rooster = 14, or 7 sheep

Find the 8

Five rows up from the bottom. One over from the farthest right number in the row.

Which Glass To Move?
Make Ten
Which Of These Doesn't Belong?

C does not belong – its a left hand. The rest are right hands.

What's the Mystery Number?

All the opposite numbers make 21 when added together. 6 is the missing number.

Which Is the Correct Puzzle Piece?

C is the correct piece.

Find the Panda

This Hungarian artist, Gergely Dudas, posted the original version of this Christmas puzzle on his Facebook page just days before the holiday. But now, the panda has popped up amongst a gaggle of heavy metal rockers.

Can you spot where the panda is located? Click ‘next’ for the answer…

Wow, that was hard. How did you do? It’s okay, try again.

Where's That Feline?

This is another Gergely Dudas special. In a sea of hand drawn owls, where is the kitty cat?

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