15 Totally Bizarre Holes Found Around The World

The Earth’s surface is riddled with holes, both on land and in the water. While some of these geographical phenomena have been explained, there are still many others that we’re not quite sure about. Here’s a look at some of the most bizarre holes we’ve found around the world:

A “hole” lot of wealth

Udachnaya Pipe

  • Location: Sakha Republic, Russia
  • Depth: over 1,970 feet deep

The Udachnaya pipe is a diamond deposit in the Daldyn-Alakit kimberlite field in Sakha Republic, Russia. The open-pit mine was first discovered in 1955 by Soviet geologist Vladimir Shchukin and his team, just two days after they discovered another diamond pipe. The mine has estimated reserves of 225.8 million carats of diamonds and an annual production capacity of 10.4 million carats.

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