11 Best Inventions Of The Future

In just a couple of decades, engineers have been able to take large, immovable computers and scaled them into portable devices found in nearly every household. As more and more people join in on the scientific race, technology continues to thrive. While we can’t predict the future of advanced technology, we can take a look at some designs that are in the formulative stages or just entering the market. Here are 11 of the best inventions that will likely change the world.

Titan Arm

The Titan Arm is a powered, upper body exoskeleton developed by students at the University of Pennsylvania. The bionic arm is a system meant to help those in need of rehabilitation or a little extra muscle. Using a cable drive that works in a way similar to the brakes on a bike and a handheld joystick control, the Titan Arm helps its wearer carry an additional 40 pounds.The arm’s cost-efficient design has given it a price tag of less than $2,000. Experts say the aging population represents a potentially big customer base for these exoskeletons, as well as military veterans.

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