10 Bizarre Animals That Change Sex

While human sexuality is complicated, it pales in comparison to the outlandish rituals, behaviors and physiological adaptations that go into animal lovemaking. Many creatures have the ability to change sex during the course of their lives. Most of them live in the ocean, because that’s where nature has the privacy to get weird.

All of the animals on this list either change sex, are hermaphrodites, or both. Their world is a fascinating one.

10. Black Sea Bass

Black sea bass, an Atlantic gamefish, are protogynous hermaphrodites. This means they all begin life as females, and then some of them transition to be males after 2-5 years. About 30-40% of females become male, and the males are split between dominant, breeding males, which develop a prominent hump on their forehead, and subordinate males, which remain bland.

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